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How to start receiving e-invoices to Isolta?
How to start receiving e-invoices to Isolta?
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E-invoicing is the easiest, most secure and fastest way to send and receive invoices. You can receive your purchase invoices as e-invoices directly to Isolta. This way, your sales and purchase invoices are all in one place.

Note. Purchase invoices feature is currently only available to companies registered in Finland.

You do not need a separate contract with the e-invoice operator. Once you have activated your purchase invoices, you will immediately get the e-invoice address and operator code for your company.

Here's how to start receiving e-invoices to Isolta:

  1. Activate the service by authenticating and confirming your signature right inside the service.

    To start receiving purchase invoices, go to Purchase Invoices from the main menu. In the Purchase Invoices section, you will find the Activate now button, which will take you to electronic authentication. Our partner Signicat will redirect you back to the Purchase Invoices section after authentication. After that, the e-invoice receiving is activated to your company.

  2. Notify your suppliers of your new e-invoice address.

    Inform your suppliers that you will accept invoices as e-invoices. You can find your e-invoice address and ready notification template in Settings -> E-invoicing.

  3. Process purchase invoices in Isolta

    You will automatically receive an email notification when a new purchase invoice arrives. The message will be sent to the same address as your Isolta username. If you want, you can turn off notifications in the Notifications section under Settings.

    You can find the received purchase invoices in the main menu, under "Purchase invoices". Read more about handling purchase invoices here.

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