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How to save your customer's details as a company or private person in Isolta?
How to save your customer's details as a company or private person in Isolta?
In this article I'll tell you what's the difference between a company contact and a person contact and how you can create them.
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You can save your customer's details to a contact card from New contact ---> Add new contact.

Company contact

If you select a company contact as your contact card type, you can retrieve company information directly from Bisnode (Finnish companies registry) or Inforegister (Estonian companies registry), depending on which country your own company is registered in. You can enter your customers information yourself.

You can add your customers e-invoice address to their contact card from +Einvoice address (Note. This applies only in case your customer is a Finnish company). When you've entered your customer e-invoice address, the service will automatically suggest e-invoice as invoicing method while you're sending the invoice. You can, of course, choose a different invoicing method.

In case your customer is an Estonian company, you only need to enter their register number, which is also their e-invoice address. 

Private person

If you choose Person as a contact card type, then the invoice will be sent to a consumer. That means, no business ID is possible to add. It's also not possible to send an e-invoice to a private person.

Some things to remember:

When entering contact information, be careful that the information you enter is correct. For example, if you send an invoice through our printing service, the invoice will go through our partner to be printed and mailed. If the information is incorrect, the invoice will not find it's way to your customer.

If you have saved your customer's contact details as a company contact, you can't change it to a person contact and vice versa.

When sending an e-invoice, make sure your customer's information is saved as company details. If you have saved it as a person, you can't send the e-invoice. In this case you need to delete the contact card and create a new (Company) one.

Right now it's not possible to send consumers e-invoices (invoices directly to bank) through Isolta's service.

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