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How can I start using Pro- or Premium-version of the service?
How can I start using Pro- or Premium-version of the service?
You can make a subscription to the paid versions of the service from your own account.
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Log in to your account and go to Settings - Order. Choose either Pro or Premium and the invoicing period. The price will depend on the expansion and invoicing period.

  • Pro 12 months: 10,90 € / month

  • Pro 3 months: 12,90 € / month

  • Pro 1 month: 14,90 € / month

  • Premium 12 months: 19,90 € / month

  • Premium 3 months: 22,90 € / month

  • Premium 1 month: 25,90 € / month

So the costs will be invoiced either in one, three or twelve month periods. Depending on which you choose. VAT will be added to the prices.

Make sure that you have selected the right plan, invoicing period and that the email-address, to which the invoice will be sent, is correct. Finalize the order by clicking the Confirm and order -button.

Once the order has been confirmed, the service will give a confirmation of it. The subscription will be active immediately after the order has been placed. The invoice of the order will be sent within a few days. Take note that the invoice will be sent via email. If you want a paper version through mail or an electronic invoice, contact us either from the service, by email or phone.

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