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How can I use Isolta's Payment Control (in Finland only)?
How can I use Isolta's Payment Control (in Finland only)?

In this article I'll tell you how you can start using Isolta's Payment control and what changes will it bring.

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What is Isolta's Payment Control? 

Isolta's Payment Control is a comprehensive service that helps you to focus on growing your business, while we see that you get your receivables. 

Payment Control means that you are outsourcing your invoice tracking to our Payment Control service. This means that you are sending invoices from Isolta to your customer and at the same time, invoices are transferred to the Payment Control company. 

If necessary, they will send a payment reminder and 2 payment claims. If the invoice is not paid during the normal payment control time, our partner will contact you about the possible continuing to the legal debt collection. 

So that means, that activating Isolta's Payment Control will apply to all of your sent invoices.  

Note. It does not apply to previously sent invoices sent before you activated Isolta's Payment Control service.

What is going to change? 

The biggest change is that the bank account number where your customers used to pay for your invoices is going to change. The new account number on the invoices will be our partners bank account number. 

This will change automatically after activating Payment Control and you don't need to change it manually from your company settings. 

If you are sending invoices to long time customers, we recommend you to remind them about the change on the invoice, on top of the product lines: 

For example: 

"Dear customer, please note that our bank account number has changed"

How quickly will I see the payment on my bank account? 

When the payment arrives, it will be transferred onto your bank account immediately (payments are transferred daily). 

If the payment contains payment reminder costs, the VAT will be deducted from that payment. The VAT is possible to reduce in taxation. 

If the invoice is paid on due date, the payment will be transferred to you in total. 

Note. If, by mistake, the customer pays using the old bank account number, you have to notify the Payment Control company immediately Otherwise they will continue the debt collection process.

KTC Payment Control contact information:

(09) 4134 5151 (weekdays at 9.00 to 16.00)

How much does the Payment Control cost?

Isolta's Payment Control service is available only in our Premium package which costs 19,90 € for 12 months and 22,90 € in 3 month subscription. 

In addition, Isolta will charge 0,35€ for each payment to your account.

How can I activate Isolta's Payment Control?

If you wish to get the Payment Control service, please contact us at or call us at +358 207 – 1817 10. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to help! 

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