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How does the free Starter invoice version work?
How does the free Starter invoice version work?
Here you can find an answer to how the Starter 10 free invoice model works and when do you get new free invoices.
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The free invoice amount is always counted 12 months back from the day you sent the last invoice. That is, you get free invoices always according to when you sent an invoice 12 months ago. The invoice count does not start on the first day of the year, it starts on the day you sent your first invoice. You can send 10 email invoices or download them as PDF files per 12 months.

You can check when you sent your first invoice from your invoice list. 

Earn extra invoices

Do you wish to get extra invoices while using the free Starter version? Recommend Isolta to other entrepreneur friends. If they register trough the link you sent them, you and your friend get 5 extra invoices. Recommend by using the link in your account. 

Click the heart icon on your dashboard: 

Use the link given to recommend via Facebook, Twitter or email: 

After your friend registers through that link, you both get 5 extra invoices. 

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