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How to import contacts to Isolta from another program?
How to import contacts to Isolta from another program?
You can import contacts from another source in a .csv file
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It is possible to import contacts from another source with a .csv file. CSV is a filetype containing data which is separated originally by commas and line changes.

The file which will be imported to Isolta has to have following fields:

Department / Contact
Additional row
Invoicing address
Postal code
Country code (2-letters, e.g. Finland is FI)
Email address
Telephone number
Business ID
Customer number
Private customer (1 if person, otherwise empty)
Language (2-letter code, e.g. Finnish is fi)
E-invoice address
Operator code

Here you can download CSV-file, where you can put your contacts and import them to Isolta. 

All the details to be imported has to be exactly as mentioned above. If you are importing information from another software where e.g. firstname and lastname are in separate fields, you have to first combine these to into a one field.

The import process is started by opening Contacts from the menu or dashboard. From there you click "Tools (upper right corner)" and "Import contacts from a CSV-file". After that you choose the file and open it. Isolta opens a contact list in a preview where you can check that everything is ok. You can also remove contacts from import by clicking thrash can icon.

After everything seems to be ok, click "Import contacts". If there is an error importing one or multiple contacts, Isolta gives an error notification and shows which contacts had the problem.

Video of importing the contacts (in Finnish)

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