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How to import products from an external source?
How to import products from an external source?

You can import product and service register to Isolta from external source.

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You can import your products / services to Isolta. This will save you time and makes your day easier. 

To import products open "Products" and click "Tools" from the upper right corner and "Import products from a CSV file". 

Instructions to import products: 

  • File format: CSV (comma-separated)

  • Two CSV formats are supported: the format described below, and the format generated by the Isolta invoicing program

  • You can import a maximum of 200 rows at once

  • May only be used to import new products. Updating existing products is not possible.

Example file:"Product number", "Name", "Unit", "VAT %", "VAT-exclusive"
"1","Product 1","kpl","24","10.0000"
"2","Product 2","h","24","20.0000"

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