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Can I use Isolta with multiple companies?
Can I use Isolta with multiple companies?
Good question! At the moment, our online software does not support using one Isolta account for multiple companies invoicing.
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For each company, you will have to create a separate account with a different email address. The same applies for trade names. Your email address is also your username, and an username can only be related to one account.

If you are using Gmail, then there's a easy way to create a new Isolta account without the need to get a totally new email address. For example, if your email address is then you can create a new account with adding something to the email address, before the @. For example,

You can create a new account here:, the same way you created your previous account.

Remember, when creating a new account, log out from the old one. Otherwise the activation link will direct you to the old account. This applies to every time you want to log in to a different account. You have to log out in order to log in to the other account.

If you want to use Isolta simultaneously, then you have to open them in different browsers, like Chrome and Mozilla.

If you have another company and you are using Isolta, we offer a 25% discount for first year to the second company. The discount only applies if you already have a paid subscription for the first company. The second account is free for a company that has the same business ID as the one that you have subscribed to (ordered a paid version).

To use this offer, please contact our customer support before placing your order so we can add the necessary discount.

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